Find yourself wondering “what the QR?”  Worry not!  Here’s a quick overview of what these new QR barcodes are, how to use them via your smartphone and how to benefit from Summit’s QR promotions.

What is it?

The QR Barcode is a printed (or displayed) barcode with a similar function to that of a normal product barcode (like you find on any products you purchase at a store).  The QR barcode does look different but that’s simply because it contains a lot more information.  Normal barcodes are only a series of numbers, QR’s are links to websites, a text message, and even actions like interacting with Facebook or other apps on your smart phone.

For example, the QR code you see here will take you to our main website (  You can scan codes from print material or even from your computer screen!  You might also see QR’s on the sides of buildings or on huge banners — many of these can be scanned from hundreds of feet away!

How do I scan/snap a QR barcode to use it?

It’s easy!  You’ll need a smartphone first (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc.) — any smartphone with internet/app store and a camera.  Visit your phone’s app store and search for “QR Barcode.”  Any free app will do, but many paid apps have additional features (saving your scanning history, linking to products, etc.).  Once you’ve downloaded your app, simply launch it from your phone and follow the instructions to scan the QR code.  Then you’ll always have the app available when you see a QR code!

What can I expect from Summit?

We’re enabling all of our print material to include QR barcodes.  You’ll find various information and promotional offers via these codes.  Maybe a certain amount off your next registration, a special VIP offer or more!

Have a question about QR’s?  Just leave a comment! We’re happy to explain anything that isn’t clear in the above.  We’re always looking to stay on the cutting-edge of technology when we feel it can benefit you and our community.  Thank you!