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It’s hard to believe that August is already here! If your life is anything like our own, this time of year seems to be the busiest — kids are getting ready for school, friends and family are all returning from summer vacations and the office is buzzing.

If you’re a pediatric therapist or teacher, this is definitely a time of increased activity. Even if you’re not dealing with children in a professional setting, everything still seems to just become more busy (like morning traffic!).

Speaking of the office buzzing:

  • We’ve scheduled a number of new workshops.
  • We’ve locked in brand new top instructors.
  • We’re bringing back your favorite workshops in the fall.
  • Our fall schedule is filling up fast with workshops already scheduled into December… and many more being added each week!
  • Search our fall schedule online here

How does school starting back up affect you professionally and personally? Share your thoughts (or vent some steam!) below.