Written By: Lori Duncan, DPT, MTC, CPT

Patient compliance can be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. As therapists, we often over-prescribe exercises and repetitions. Keeping our HEP simple and specific is an effective and powerful way to ensure patient compliance. If a patient knows their home program will take 10 minutes or less, compliance drastically increases.

But what happens when they get home? Life can be hectic and unexpected at times, so how do we keep our patients compliant with our prescribed routine?


Here are three educational tips I use to help my patients stay on track and motivated.


1. Know Your Time of Day

We all have a time of day that encourages optimal focus, motivation and attention. For some (like me) it is in the wee hours of the morning between 5 and 7AM. For others, the best time of day is late afternoon or evening. Knowing your time of day gives you the best bang for your buck. Time is precious so why don’t we “work” on our therapy homework when it feels best to us.

Do you know your time of day?


   2. Set an Alarm

We live in a digital age so use it! Alarms and reminders exist on every device these days so add this alarm on a device you work on or carry with you most of time. For most it’s our personal phone. It takes 10 seconds to add “Do Your HEP” on your personal or business calendar during a time of day that suits you.

Where will you add this alarm? Your phone, desktop computer or tablet?


3. Tell Someone 

Making yourself accountable to another person is easy and practical. Kids are GREAT for this. They are often being told what to do from teachers, parents and society so give them a chance to tell YOU what to do. Friends are another great resource for accountability. Let them know to text, call or send you an emoji to help keep you on task with your therapy exercise.

Who will you tell?





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