Entry By: Eileen Bach, PT, M.Ed, DPT

If you are working in the home health care setting, you  have probably already heard the buzz about the new PPS changes for 2011. The revised rules cover many areas such as case-mix, payments for outlier and LUPA cases, wage index and more and offered therapy clarifications.

Therapy clarifications included covered therapy, use of qualified therapist for assessment, goal determination and measuring progress towards goals and re-assessment time points for therapy. The use of specific, measurable and objective data in documentation is stated which is in keeping with professional standards and best practices of care. Therapy services to a home health care patient are not only recognized for the functional improvement they bring but also carry added reimbursement under PPS based on visit numbers. I think the 2011 rules are an opportunity for all therapists to show the importance of the interventions we bring into the lives of our home care patients and reflect our treatments in the medical record using evidence based care and professional standards.

I have worked in home health care for more than 2 decades and have certainly seen a lot of changes! So if you are a veteran HC therapist or just thinking about working in home health care, share your thoughts, questions and comments!

Eileen Bach