Presented By: Naseem Chatiwala, PT, MS, DPT, NCS



In Part 1 of this 3-Part Vlog Series, Naseem Chatiwala explains what the term “burnout” means and entails, in particular focusing on the therapy environment. This vlog also touches on what particular items cause burnouts, explains unique ways on how to address burnouts, and provides different ideas to prevent burnouts.

3-Part Therapist Self-Care Blog Series:

1) Therapist Burnout – Available Above!

2) Physical Well-Being and Staying Healthy – Available Here!

3) Communication and Working as a Team in the Current Landscape – Available Here!


About Naseem Chatiwala: 

Naseem Chatiwala, PT, DPT, MS, NCS is a board-certified neuro clinical specialist and a certified vestibular clinical specialist who has 20+ years of experience as Physical Therapist treating variety of complex neuro diagnosis. Naseem has been instrumental in developing neuro and concussion program at The Clough family center for rehabilitative and sports therapies and has helped develop guidelines for balance clinic, vestibular screening, baseline testing, return to play and graded exercise protocols. Naseem also developed and runs brace clinic with an orthotist where they do comprehensive gait evaluations and make custom orthosis for patients with neurologic deficits.Naseem is an adjunct faculty at MGH-IHP and UMass Lowell PT program and a course developer and instructor through Summit education where she teaches live workshops on Stroke Rehab and Vestibular Rehab. She is also teaching a live webinar on Gait Training in Neuro Rehab, which is scheduled for August 12th. Naseem has presented at various conferences and recently was awarded 2019-Excellence in Education at the Emerson Rehab annual awards. Naseem is an active member of the APTA and APTA of MA- Neuro SIG and has previously served as a co-chair for Neuro SIG of MA 2017-2019.