Happy Halloween!  Any opportunity for our team to have a little fun (and enjoy some food) is always welcomed.  This Halloween produced a good turn out of team members dressed to impressed — see the photo at left of many of the great outfits!

Halloween closes out October each year, but what else did the day mark?  With October now over, our 2012 schedule has been officially kicked off.  It’s hard to believe that 2012 is indeed only eight or so weeks away… but don’t worry, we’re still focused on our huge schedule of programs all over the country in Nov and Dec.

This October also marks yet another record-breaking fall run for Summit — the 6+ year in a row!  Thanks to the support of our attendees, we’ve been able to bring more programs to more locations around the country.   And we hope we’ve impacted more of your patients than ever before!

What does the end of October usually bring for you and your organization?  Please share your thoughts here or on Facebook!

-Ryan (aka Mario)