As April kicks off, many of our instructors, attendees, and team members are focused on Autism awareness.  This month we’ll be sharing stories of Autism, impacts of the Autism community, and great strides over the past few years in raising national awareness of the entire Autism spectrum.

For those unaware of the great breadth of  Autism, the word or diagnosis often triggers thoughts of a debilitating condition.  Or a person who’s so greatly socially impacted that they can’t be expected to be self-functioning.  Of course those of us in the community know only the opposite to be true — Autism, while difficult at any level, can bring about amazing inspiration, innovation, and connections.

I’m very much looking forward to hearing and sharing stories of Autism this month.  Help us give this ever-growing and important community increased visibility during the month of April.

The following video was posted on CNN today and tells a great musical story.  Let us know your thoughts and stories below or on Facebook!