A topic that comes up often not only in the healthcare world but in many of our personal lives is Sleep Disorders.  Whether you or someone you know is diagnosed with a sleep disorder, not yet diagnosed or, this being the alarmingly increasing issue, misdiagnosed with something other than a sleep disorder.  We are working on developing a brand new program geared towards behavioral health professionals that focuses on understanding and differentiating the symptoms of sleep disorders.  We’ve heard stories of people going their whole lives with either a misdiagnosis or not being diagnosed at all therefore not getting the proper treatment they need to live a normal life.

As with many of our seminars, this topic falls under that of being information that not only professionals need but non-clinical people as well.  Studies have shown that at least 30% the general public are affected by a significant sleep problem, often with much higher rates in certain populations.  Persistent sleep loss presents very similarly to that of many learning disabilities, psychiatric disorders, etc. leading to a decline in normal activities of daily living and the cost of these consequences is considerable.

As always we encourage feedback and commentary on any of our programs.  Sleep Disorders: Diagnosis, Misdiagnosis and Treatment is an increasingly important topic.  Please share your thoughts.

Thank you,

The Program Development Team