Entry By: Eileen Bach, PT, M.Ed, DPT

Calling all Home Health therapists! The much anticipated Medicare new therapy rules questions and answers have been posted. 15 questions and answers provide some clear direction on the “what ifs” surrounding the new 2011 therapy based PPS rules. Please go to: http://www.cms.gov/center/hha.asp and Open the file titled “Therapy Q&As” dated 5/5/2011.

Episode timing, the 30 day clock covering the full course of treatment (even across episodes) and payment denial issues if the re-assessments are not done are all contained in the 15 Q&A on the site.

This updated information along with the 2011 PPS therapy rules, as well as assessments and team processes to add to your skilled therapy portfolio of knowledge is covered during my seminar Home Health Care: Advancing Your Skill Set. Join your colleagues and I in an informative and lively day of home care specific information and resources.

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