Written By: Paul Frizelle, PT, DPT, MS, OCS, MTC, CSCS, PES, CES



Sesamoiditis, Lisfranc fracture, plantar plate injuries, Jones fractures, high and lateral ankle sprains, do these injuries sound familiar? These are examples of foot/ankle injuries seen in athletes but are some of the least discussed and most debilitating injuries. If you work with athletes then you should know that based on a recent NCAA study of Division I athletes, women’s gymnasts have the highest rate of foot/ankle injuries. There were specific injuries that were identified as being the costliest to the athletes and schools in terms of time lost and costs. Two of these were metatarsal fractures and mid-foot injuries. For the rehab clinician who works with athletes the knowledge of these injuries is an absolute must-have skill set.

In my 2-hour Live Webinar on August 26, 2023, Athletic Foot and Ankle Injuries, we will talk about 5 different injuries that are present in athletes. Specifically, we will talk about sesamoiditis which is an injury to the hallux sesamoid(s), Turf Toe which is an injury to the 1st MTP joint, high, and lateral ankle sprains, the Jones fracture which is a fracture of the fifth metatarsal, and injuries to the Lisfranc joint which a significant midfoot injury. All these injuries have significant evidence supporting the need for rehab as part of the management or post-surgical recovery process. This course will include evidence-based interventions to improve mobility, neuromuscular control, and strength in the foot/ankle.



One of the bigger challenges I have learned about is that working with athletes means all kinds of athletes. Tennis players, hockey players, ballet dancers, Irish dancers, master athletes, young athletes, sprinters, high jumpers, sailing, Cross fitters, basketball players, football players, gymnasts, wrestlers, cross country runners, softball players, amateur to professional, and so many more. The foot and ankle complex is one of the most challenging areas to treat. My upcoming live CE webinar on Athletic Foot and Ankle Injuries takes my enjoyment of working with athletes and puts it together with the most recent research and knowledge gained from over a decade of time in the clinic treating athletes of all sports and all levels. The upcoming course will enhance your clinical toolbox of the unique foot/ankle injuries that occur in athletes and how to evaluate and treat them in the clinic. I hope you enjoy the course!


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