Feb 25, 2010
Nashville, TN

For Immediate Release

Summit Professional Education announced today the launch of their new website located at http://summit-education.com.  The new website will serve as the backbone for many upcoming enhancements to Summit’s involvement in the Continuing Education industry.

Summit hopes the new website will provide improvements by:

  • Providing a better customer service experience
  • Allowing more active communication regarding important industry updates
  • Providing a platform for potential and current customers to interact and share their knowledge
  • Enabling the future growth of Summit’s product and service offerings

About Summit Professional Education

Summit Professional Education (SPE) is an innovative training company whose focus is to develop and deliver dynamic, relevant, and highly useful educational content to professional audiences. The purpose of this education is to help professionals achieve certification or recertification by obtaining continuing education credit and to gain the knowledge necessary to compete and grow in today’s work environment.