Written By: Elizabeth G. Harvey, PT, DPT, MSR, DHSc Student, Board-Certified Pediatric Specialist


Have you ever heard of vibration therapy? It may be what you’ve been looking for…


Vibration therapy was introduced in 1857 by Dr. Gustav Zander. It is used to treat many complications associated with primary diagnoses, from reducing anxiety to decreasing spasticity. And it has very few adverse side effects.

Two Main Types of Vibration Therapy: Whole Body Vibration (WBV) and Focal Vibration (FV)

WBV stimulates proprioceptors throughout the body using a low-frequency platform (10-50Hz). This form of vibration decreases fat, improves postural control, and increases bone mineral density.

Focal Vibration uses a tool for site-specific stimulation. It is so effective that one study suggests it may “become a potent supplement or alternative for neuromuscular electrical stimulation!


Vibration Benefits:

– Reduced spasticity
– Increased balance
– Increased strength
– Parasympathetic activity
– Fibroblast proliferation (cells that help produce collagen)
– Improved Gait
– Decreased pain
– Increased circulation
– Decreased joint laxity



Scar treatment has become a great passion. I will share a case that radically changed my perspective on the skin and its connection to the psyche. This two-year-old was a great teacher.

Focal Vibration Case:

The foster family was concerned that the 2-year-old child unconsciously picked at the scars on her side throughout the day, woke with night terrors grabbing these scars, and their general cosmetic appearance.

This change was seen after 6 days (three treatment sessions) using FV with Kinesio® tape. She began sleeping through the night after the first treatment; she no longer picked at the scars during the day after the second treatment, and the family was pleased with the change in appearance.

This was a huge “ah-ha” moment for me to appreciate the multi-dimensional quality of “pain” – both physical and emotional. In this case, the vibration helped override the sensation and emotion of pain in these bound-down tissues. She began to move more freely, improving circulation and lymphatic flow.

Everything in the universe vibrates at the cellular level! Explore the possibility of the vast benefits of using this cost-effective, non-invasive technology to help heal the body as a system.

Elizabeth G Harvey, PT, DPT, MSR, DHSc Student, PCS, is the owner of ABC Therapies, LLC in Moncks Corner, SC. She is active in research and education on various methods to promote healing. For questions or comments, Dr. Harvey can be contacted at abctherapy77@gmail.com.


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