We found this article on news-medical.net and wanted to get your thoughts on this interesting fall prevention therapy for cancer patients with neuropathy.Tango

According to the article, up to 70% of patients that undergo chemotherapy will experience peripheral neuropathy as a side effect of cancer treatment. A pilot study funded by Pelotonia, and conducted by Mimi Lamantia and Lise Worthen-Chaudhari,  sought to see if patients could reduce their fall risk if they engaged in 20 sessions of a designed dance intervention therapy that centered around the Argentine Tango. According to Mimi Lamantia, the early results have been very positive:

“We show that after just five weeks of Argentine tango, medial and lateral sway decreased by 56 percent indicating that this is a promising balance intervention for cancer survivors experiencing impaired balance post treatment,” says Lamantia.

We wanted to see if any of our therapists have used, or heard of this dance therapy being used to decrease the risk of falls? Reply in the comment section below and please share this with your fellow colleagues to get a conversation started!